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For Your Pleasure by LariLee Rated: MA+ starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 14]
Summary: The War is over with Light emerging triumphant, but the Ministry of Magic is searching for a public scapegoat. And Severus Snape seems to be their target. Will his alter ego of a male gigolo help him with this latest indignity? Seeking to lose her innocence before making a marriage to a man who detests her, Hermione looks to an expert. My answer to "The Gigolo Challenge" by Betz at WIKTT.

*Runner-up in Round Five of the Multifaceted Awards in the categories of Aphrodisia and Endurance. THANK YOU!*
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Genres: Angst, Challenges, Drama, Romance
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Summary: A highly realistic, but extremely twisted, possibly humorous, and very late look at the Marriage Law Challenge. Mentions character deaths (but not HG or SS) and has some possible squickiness in passing that results in an "R" Rating. No house-elves were harmed in the writing of this ficlet.

Joint Winner in Round Four of the Multifaceted Awards in the category of Laughter, Best Humor Fic. Thank you!

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